The controversy surrounding Pocatello’s Non-Discrimination ordinance is misunderstood.   0ver-simplification and lack of education has led to inaccurate opinions on what the ordinance does and does not do.  Throughout our nation, those opposing these ordinances are sometimes labeled as haters.  Unfortunately, the name-calling (on either side) only serves as a distraction to the real issues and the facts surrounding these types of laws.

The Pocatello community is not filled with hate.  Thankfully, many in the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community acknowledge this fact and agree that most in the community are accepting.  Sadly, members of the LGBT Community and others have been bullied and mistreated and this fact must not remain unaddressed.  All people are created equal and it is important to emphasize that opponents of these laws do not condone any mistreatment of the LGBT Community.  "We stand with the proponents in taking offense to anyone who would presume to speak out in hate on this or any issue and choose instead to look at the policy issues involved and its impact upon our freedoms."  Unfortunately, this ordinance does nothing to protect people from hate, but it does endanger women and children, is bad for families and business, and hampers religious freedoms.

Pocatello does not need or want this ordinance.  The City has no documented evidence showing a pattern of abuse.   A “No” vote against these types of laws does not translate into a desire to oppress those with a differing view or to give license to discriminate, but instead is a recognition that these laws do not accomplish what they purport to.  Whether you recognize it or not, ordinances like the one under consideration here in Pocatello erode our religious and personal liberties.  Instead of insisting government solve our problems through laws, we must instead, as individuals, address the issues of the heart and let free market principles weed out those who would treat others with hate.   Together, we must reach out to those in the LGBT community and respectfully stand up to those who mistreat any member of our community, so that we all may feel valued and safe.

Please STAND UP POCATELLO and encourage our Pocatello City Council to vote “No” on this proposed ordinance.  Our leaders need to ensure all are protected including our women and children and these laws place them at risk.